Nextel Cell Phone Ringtones -The Beauty in the Beast

Nextel cell phone ringtones are refreshing to the handsome and rugged Nextel cell phones. Depending on your personality you can add to that Nextel power horse of communication, a sweet side using a ringtone.Imagine your Nextel cell phone ringtone goes off and the person next to you is thinking that’s a sexy ringtone. Then you drawn out a Nextel i875 they will just go like “Wow, didn’t expect that is what was ringing.”Nextel mobile phones are said to not offer very diverse selection of phone. This has some element of truth as most Nextel phones are manufactured by Motorola. And without the sting of competition one can get lax.

But even with few handsets to select from Nextel phone are some handsome pieces of gadgets. And what better way to further customize it than with a complimentary cell phone ringtone.Though referred to as Nextel, the cellular company is now Sprint Nextel Corporation. This is after Sprint, another telecom, bought out Nextel in 2005. And as much as the company today is widely referred to as Sprint both by media and employee, many Nextel subscribers still refer to it by it’s former name.Getting cell phone ringtones on a Nextel network many end up being a little tricky. Nextel does not use the regular systems. Unlike other cellular operations, Nextel utilizes the Specialized Mobile Radio band (SMR). But the over 18 million subscribers still need Nextel cell phone ringtones.

Some ringtone service providers have taken this into consideration. The fastest way to tell if a ringtone service provider provides for Nextel is to check for the Nextel logo. This may eliminate the hassle of subscribing and having your subscription rejected. Note that a Sprint logo does not necessarily translate to mean Nextel cell phone ringtones are available. Remember even after merging, Sprint and Nextel still use different systems.If all else foil, simply subscribe. If you are rejected, well, now you know for sure.